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Egg Carton Goggles

Egg Carton Goggles
1 to 2 years baby activity
Eye-Hand movement

Your little one is very fond of creative tasks and you as parents must utilize this fact. You can make your child learn how to create goggles out of egg cartons. A simple procedure needs to be followed.

Requisites: Colors, egg carton, scissors and a long thick thread.


1. You have to cut two adjacent sections of an egg carton.

2. You have to cut two big circles in the contracting region of the two sections.

3. Use paint to colour the cartons so that it looks attractive. Make sure your child is observing you throughout this activity.

4. Now take a thick thread and tie it at the two extreme ends of the structure.

Your goggles are ready. You can motivate your kid to create his own pair. Be there with your kid when he tries this activity. You can decorate the goggles with shiny stationery materials.