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Fun Time With Beads And Thread

Fun Time With Beads And Thread
1 to 2 years baby activity
Eye-Hand movement

Your child is now ready to learn motor skills so that she can learn how to use her limbs to perform appropriate tasks. You can perform this simple task with beads and thread that would serve to enhance your little one’s attention and concentration skills and simultaneously aid the development of her fine motor skills.

Requisites: Several beads, a long thread, and a scissor.


1. Make your child sit next to you so that she can observe.

2. Take a long thread and straighten it so that there are no knots.

3. Pick up a bead and pass the thread through it. Repeat this step by taking a number of beads.

4. Form a necklace or a bracelet using beads.

5. Ask your kid to repeat this activity without your help.

Note: Monitor your little one closely to avoid any choking or strangulation hazards.