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Leaf Bracelet

Leaf Bracelet
1 to 2 years baby activity

At this age, your little one is open to learn and will be creative in many ways. You can create a variety of items at home which your child loves. Make sure she is in a good mood to learn. You can teach her how to create a leaf bracelet.

Requisites: Different types of leaves, thread and a scissor.


1. Do not let your child handle the scissor. You have to poke small holes in the centre of the leaves.

2. Now show your kid how to pass the thread through the hole.

3. Ask her to follow this activity without your help.

4. When all the leaves are present on the thread then tie the two extremes on your child’s hand. Your leaf bracelet is ready!

You can create similar items with basic materials. Your child would learn about creativity through such smart tasks. So, what are you waiting for?