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Make Banana Sandwich

Make Banana Sandwich
1 to 2 years baby activity

A lot of attention needs to be paid when it comes to your kid’s nutrition. You have to offer healthy food even when your child is not willing to eat. You can make her eat banana is an innovative way.

Requisites: Banana slices, biscuit pieces or bread and chocolate syrup.


1. Cut small slices of banana which are in a cylindrical shape. 

2. Take biscuit pieces or bread and place them in the plate.

3. Take two banana slices and place a biscuit piece or bread in the centre.

4. Make similar sandwiches using biscuit or bread and banana.

You can also add chocolate syrup to make this item tasty. Most kids are reluctant in eating fruits. You can offer this food item which would surely attract your kid to have a bite. So, try it out today!