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Recycle Drum

Recycle Drum
1 to 2 years baby activity
Sensory ability

It is very important for your little kid to understand how to manage waste. This learning would stay with him for the rest of his life. You can teach your child how to create a recycle drum using simple household items.

Requisites: A cardboard carton, black polythene, colours and chart paper.


1. You need to make sure that your kid is totally focused. Arrange all the items in front of him and offer a demonstration.

2. Take the cardboard carton and cover it with chart paper of any colour.

3. Now cut the ‘Recycle’ symbol using green chart paper and paste it on the front surface.

4. Spread the black polythene inside the carton.

Your recycle drum is ready. You can place it in the kitchen or in the garden to store items like soda bottles, plastic containers, etc. Make sure your child understands the use of the recycle drum. So, get going!