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String Along

String Along
1 to 2 years baby activity
Muscle Strength

String along is a simple game that your baby can play with you. Your baby will try and grab an object that is tied to a string. The activity will help develop his motor skills. It also promotes decision-making in your baby as he looks at more than one object and decides on one.

Requisites: Hand-sized objects, a piece of thick yarn 2-3 feet long


1. Tie the object or toy to one end of the piece of yarn and put the other end in your baby’s hand.

2. Demonstrate pulling to bring the item closer.

3. Sing a song as you swing the toy back and forth toward or above your baby.

4. Ensure that it is close enough for your baby to catch.

5. When your baby starts crawling, pull the toy slowly and let your baby follow it.

This game will help your baby gain control of his environment. You can tweak the game using two objects in place of one. Let your baby decide which one he wants to follow. You can also make several yarn toys  and let your child decide which one to pull.