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Tissue Paper Roll Towers

Tissue Paper Roll Towers
1 to 2 years baby activity
1y to 2y

Outdoor activities should be offered to your growing kid so that he becomes more confident as well as physically active. You should be supportive and ready to teach the child various tasks. Tissue Paper Roll Towers can be formed in any open area like a garden or lawn. You would require several tissue paper rolls for this activity. 


 1. The first step is to search a perfect area which is safe. Make sure the garden or lawn surface is free from thorns or stones. 

 2. Now ask the child to observe your actions. Stack one roll over the other to form a single tower. 

 3. The next step is to form another roll tower adjacent to it. 

 4. Ask the kid to repeat this action and form his own tower formation. 

You can use colors and decoration items in order to make the tower look attractive. Your kid would love such a task.