All Set to Learn Some Self Control

All Set to Learn Some Self Control

At this stage, your child is confidently mobile, she is developing a healthy curiosity about her surroundings and constantly loves to apply all that she has learnt. The big wide world is opening up to her and she wants to explore further.

There will naturally be times when she attempts to do something that is beyond her capability and discovers that she has certain limitations. She may be irritated and dejected when unable to do something that she wants to. This is the right time to teach your child self-control instil discipline in her. 

Eating Habits

Teach self control in eating as early as possible. Do not keep giving her everything that she wants to eat. Begin with breakfast and make sure she is full. Do not give her any snacks till the next meal i.e., lunch. Instead if she is hungry, give her fruits and lots of water. Discouraging snacking will ensure that your child will be hungry once it is time for her next meal. Give her a healthy snack in the afternoon and a healthy dinner early in the evening.

Being possessive At this age, it is natural for children to be possessive about their things. They will want to grab whatever they fancy and will refuse to share their favorite things with anyone. Teach your child that she needs to be patient if there is anything she wants. Whenever she wants to use something at home, teach her to ask your permission.

By all these steps, she will begin to learn self control effectively.


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