Bathing Time is Fun Time for Your Little One!

Your child loves to play in the water and bathing becomes a pleasurable experience for most kids at this age. It becomes ultra-amazing for kids when they get to play with their toys during bath time, and hey! Even you can enjoy this little rendezvous with your cuddle munchkin!Bathing Time is Fun Time for Your Little One!

Playing during a bath

Bathing a toddler is relatively easy as they are able to sit on their own. Unlike babies they are not very slippery and can be handled easily. Most children don’t like to take a quick bath as they look forward to a lot of play. It is a good idea to introduce toys apt for the bathroom and water.

Managing toddlers afraid of bathing

While most kids enjoy bathing time a lot, there are also a lot of kids who are afraid of bathing or are simply not interested to bathe.

Here are some tips to encourage them:

• You can make bathing a fun time by bathing with your child. 

• Use a bath tub or the bath floor without water initially where they can sit and play for some time.

• Play some nursery rhymes or videos which they like. Preferably ones that talk about bathing.

• Introduce a lot of their favourite toys and bathe the toys along with your child.

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