Celebrating A Year Of Parenthood!

Celebrating A Year Of Parenthood!
Non-verbal cues

This is probably a milestone that everyone gives you advice for -- uncles, aunts, neighbours, colleagues, and grandparents. Naturally so, everyone is super excited! By now and the days to come, your little angel will be showing a list of new developments, and will learn to be more independent. He will discover new positions and will start becoming firmer in walking.

Additionally, your child will also find humor in things and the connection between you both will get more intense as he begins to express his fondness for you and also shows how much he loves you.

It's a one year milestone for you too as a parent!

Along with your child, even you have attained a milestone of one year in parenting and you sure deserve a big amount of credit for the same! You could choose to celebrate this milestone in a style that suits you. You could prefer to go to a temple in the morning for prayers and blessings and throw a party in the evening or have a small family dinner. Don’t be guilty if you need to save a few pennies. Buy useful presents, like toys, a bath tub, a car seat, or a new stroller.