Did You Know Playing With Bubbles Perk Your Child's Brain Development?

Did You Know Playing With Bubbles Perk Your Child's Brain Development?
Fine Motor

At this stage, your angel is fascinated by majority of the things around her. This is a positive attribute, since a lot of simple things in her surrounding aid her overall development in many ways. One such thing is your child playing with bubbles.

Children in general, and toddlers in particular, are fascinated by the way bubbles fly around them. They love blowing the bubbles and also like to catch them.

Bubbles aid in kids’ development

Toddlers are fascinated when they watch the rainbow colors inside each bubble. Though it is a simple game with a soapy solution, this indeed triggers a whole lot of responses in the brain, making it a very essential game for toddlers. It has a lot of benefits in terms of their development.

Benefits of bubbles

• Fine motor skills are developed when they hold the bottle and the wand to blow the bubbles. They need a pencil-like (called pincer grasp) grasp to release the bubbles.

• Following the bubbles helps in the visual tracking skills of the toddler.

• Hand eye coordination development also takes place as the kids have to see where the bubbles are flying and at the same time dip and blow the next set of bubbles.

• Social and communication skills are developed too as kids usually tend to form a group in such activities.

• It helps even a shy kid open up. 

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