Does Your Child Play With Hands And Fingers Often? Find Out Why!

Your kid is discovering new things everyday! Have you ever noticed your little one engrossed in playing with his hand and feet? Have you ever wondered what makes him do this? Well, hand and eye coordination is what your toddler finds interesting because this is where he is putting his senses to best use.Does Your Child Play With Hands And Fingers Often? Find Out Why!

Activities involving hand and fingers:

Your child should now be able to pick objects between his thumb and forefinger and this is evident in his skills towards finesse. Building blocks, picking objects or toys, holding and twisting pages, scribbling, and holding the brush or pencil are activities that your child should be able to do when he is 1-2 years old.

Playing with hands and fingers and progressing with it involves a lot of subtle changes. It is a good idea to keep an eye out to encourage and watch the transition. What starts as a hand and feet play eventually turns into a full hand coordination task and is absolutely fascinating.




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