Effective Timeout Strategies Are Essential For Your Kid's Development

Effective Timeout Strategies Are Essential For Your Kid's Development
Verbal language

Your child at this stage often goes through an emotional rollercoaster. A second ago, your child was beaming and happy. But suddenly, they are full of rage- shouting and even trying to bite your elder kid! So, how do you deal with this? Well, one effective strategy is to opt for timeouts. These timeouts will not just discipline your child, they will help them control their emotions and develop a positive attitude towards life.

What you need to know

This is a positive discipline technique, as in the timeout, the child may be required to stand or sit in the corner alone, without talking to anyone. They are safe to use and useful when employed in the right situations. But remember not to give timeouts if your child isn’t ready for them.

Teach them that they are going to receive a punishment for their wrong doings and then give them a timeout. Now, remember that kids as little as 2 years have a short attention span and they tend to be quite hyperactive. So, even if they don’t sit at a place or try to talk, you as a parent have to ensure that you aren’t talking to them or that you are avoiding them till they realize that they have made a mistake. Meanwhile, be the timer and pick the right place for a timeout (never in their play room) and keep the timeout quiet.