From 'Juju' To 'Juice'- He's Striving To Speak Better

From 'Juju' To 'Juice'- He's Striving To Speak Better
Verbal language

Congratulations! Your baby has begun to utter her first words. It’s not just babbles anymore. By the time your child is 12-15 months old, she must have spoken same sound words like "baba" for a bottle of water or "juju" for juice. Babies as little as this can have a few words in their vocabulary and can understand 25 words and more

What you need to know:

This is a period of crucial development and by the time your child is 2, she can have anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand words in her vocabulary! This is the perfect time for you to help your child with speech and communication. You can start by talking about the things that are used regularly; for example, a cup, juice, or a doll. Your child will give them some vague sound like words and slowly learn the actual words. 

Similarly, you can ask your child about pictures in books and smile or clap whenever she pronounces it right. By the time your child is 15-18 months old, you can involve yourself in longer conversations with her. Ask her questions and respond to her one or two word sentences with your own longer ones. For instance, when the child says ‘book,’ you say ‘You want to read a book?’ and wait for her response.

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