Is Your Little One Now in the Sphere of Delayed Vocabulary? Find Out!

By this age, your little one has already started to understand much of what he hears around him. Post the one year milestone, kids start to use single words and follow simple directions and point to body parts and listen to simple stories. However, in some cases, this development may not be that smooth and can often happen a little later than usual.

Signs of delayed development
Generally, by approximately age 2, kids start putting words together and by 3, they should be using sentences of three words at the very minimum. If you see delayed receptive language, delayed use of visual skills, adaptive skills, command skills, and inability to use tools appropriately in your child, you are looking at global delay.

Delayed speech
Speech and language issues can also be early clues to neurodevelopment disorders, including the various forms of autism. Not all children with autism will have delayed speech, though often they do not use words to communicate; such a child may have memorized the alphabet, but without ever learning to say mama or dada.Is Your Little One Now in the Sphere of Delayed Vocabulary? Find Out!

If the child’s hearing and development are fine, one more question to consider is environment. Is anyone talking to this baby? Is something getting in the way -- maybe an exceptionally chaotic household or a severely depressed parent? In a nutshell, speech and language development requires stimulation.

Observe your child thoroughly and if you see the delay stretching futher, it is wiser to consult a specialist in such occasions.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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