It's Time To Instill Cleanliness Habits In Your Little Munchkin

Your child has newly learnt that she is an independent person. She wants to do things on her own and imitates all that you do. Now is a good time to instil habits of cleanliness within her. Help your little one to wash up after playtime outside. Give her a warm bath in the morning and if required, a sponge bath before going to bed.

At bath time, ask her to scrub behind her ears and between her toes and give her a good wash all over her body. Clean her teeth with a fresh, wet gauze in the morning and at night. Toothbrush and toothpaste can wait until she is two. Make sure you trim her fingernails and toenails regularly. Teach her to wash hands before and after every meal. 

It's Time To Instill Cleanliness Habits In Your Little Munchkin




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