It's Time Your Child Understands How to be Respectful

It's Time Your Child Understands How to be Respectful

At this stage, your child's language skills are still developing and developing fast. With it, your little one is now also capable of becoming more respectful towards others. However, this will take its own sweet time and sometimes you may feel that trying to get respectful behavior out of your little one is like trying to get blood from the proverbial stone. But you need to know that kids growing up includes this as well and eventually, it will all get better.

What you need to know
So when you tell your child it’s bedtime, your child can't say, "I'm really having fun with my trucks, and I wonder if we could negotiate for five more minutes of playtime?" your child is more likely to ignore you, stick out their tongue, or yell, "I hate you!" at the top of their lungs. This doesn't mean your child is a lost cause, only that they are very young and still need years of consistent teaching and practice to learn how to show respect.

Listen to your Child
You get confused because often, our upbringing makes us equate respect with fear. 'I really respected my father because I knew he would hit me if...??" That’s not respect, that’s fear. Instead, begin by listening to your child. It can be hard to wait patiently for a nearly 2-year old to have their say, but it’s worth it. Get down to your child’s level, look your child in the eye, and let your child know you are interested in what they are telling you.

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