Noticed A Sudden Jerk During Your Baby's Sleep? Could Be A 'Sleep Start!'

At this age, your child is likely to go through a list of issues related to sleep. It can be either difficulty in sleeping, sleeping disorders, or simply the lack of a proper sleeping schedule. Sleep starts are one of the most primal and common issue that many kids of this age face. Your kid having a sound sleep is essential since good sleep helps in brain and cell development.

What you need to know:

Noticed A Sudden Jerk During Your Baby's Sleep? Could Be A 'Sleep Start!'

Sometimes, as we progress from drowsiness to deeper sleep, a sudden jerk or falling sensation may be experienced, which jolts us back awake. This is called a sleep start and is quite normal. It is thought to date back to our ancestors when we slept under trees and ensured that we held on to it.

Hence, when you see your baby have a sleep start, know that it is absolutely normal and you can calm it by swaddling him with a sleeping rhythm.




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