Psychological Development is Happening Rapidly- Did You Know These Important Things?

Your kid is growing rapidly and you are finding yourself flooded with your little one's priceless moments. This is the time you need to shower your little one with oodles of positive attention and happiness and create the best memories with her.

This can be done by smiling at her, caring for her, handling her gently, encouraging her, celebrating her achievements, participating in her activities, and showing genuine interest in everything about her.

Psychological Development is Happening Rapidly- Did You Know These Important Things?

How positive attention helps your kid:

1. Love, affection, praise, and encouragement are extremely important in your child’s formative years.

2. Children love attention and when it is genuinely showered at the right time, it helps in the formation of their personality and prepares them for their future.

3. Positive attention gives a feeling of being valued. This further helps build their self-esteem.

Children feel warm and secure when they are given positive attention. This helps them face bigger challenges with ease. It also helps them develop their decision making and problem solving skills.




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