Routine Checkups - Consult doctor

During routine child visits, your doctor will employ various methods to test your child’s development. He will ask questions about whether your child has reached appropriate milestones for his or her age. Then the doctor will use your responses to assess your child’s speech and language development.
If your child is suspected of having a speech or language delay, the doctor will refer your child to a speech specialist to conduct specific tests that measure nonverbal intelligence, language skills, and vocabulary.Routine Checkups - Consult doctor

Inherent problems can be an important cause of speech and language delays in children. For this reason, hearing tests are an essential part of any suspected speech and language developmental delay. Hearing problems that are detected and treated within 6 months after birth may help prevent some developmental problems, including those related to speech and language development. Call your doctor if at any time you think your child may have a hearing problem. Even if the newborn test did not show hearing loss, hearing problems could arise.

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