The Basics of Your Child's Logical Thinking Are Now Developing

The Basics of Your Child's Logical Thinking Are Now Developing
Working memory

Your kid's brain development encompasses a list of things, one of which is his logical thinking. Although logic is something one can ace in only with time, but the basics of it start from a very small age. These basics form a vital part of your child's future life.

What you can do

Strategy games are a great way to offer children the opportunity to develop this skill in a stimulating environment.
Most of us are familiar with strategy games such as chess, draughts and noughts, and crosses. This is great for encouraging children to play at home. To start with, invite the child to play the game several times to get used to how it works. Everyone can have a go at playing randomly.

You can always help your child brush his logic by making him follow the simple frame of "If this... then that," and "Why that?"

In strategy games, encourage your child to record his moves and help him articulate his ideas about strategy with sentences such as, ‘I noticed that when I came inside this happened’. Also encourage to articulate a hypothesis of ‘how to win’ and to try out his hypothesis a number of times. If it fails, encourage him to develop a new one

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