The Nooks of Your Child's Personality Are Shaping Up

The Nooks of Your Child's Personality Are Shaping Up

At this stage, some children are easy. They are predictable, calm, and approach most new experiences in a positive way. Other children are more difficult, unable to manage their emotional experiences and expression with ease. You have to find out well to which category your child belongs now and then you can understand his personality better.

Adjusting to the environment
When your child’s personality doesn't quite fit or match that of other family members, it can be a challenge for everyone. Of course no child is the same all the time and they all have their own idiosyncrasies. The ease with which a child adjusts to their environment is strongly influenced by their temperament, adaptability and emotional style.

Innate characteristics
For most parts, temperament is an innate quality of the child, one with which they are born. It is somewhat modified by their experiences and interactions with other people, with their environment, and by their health. By the time a child has reached the school years, their temperament is well defined and quite apparent to those who know the child. It is not something that is likely to change much in the future.

These innate characteristics have nothing to do with your own parenting skills. Nevertheless, the behavioral adjustment of a school-age child depends a lot upon the interaction between their temperament and yours, how others respond to your child, how comfortably your child fits in with their environment, and with the people around the child.