The Tooth Fairy Visits Are Getting Frequent For Your Child Now

Phew! So your kid has surpassed the little tricky period of teething and by now, his encounters with tooth fairy are happening pretty often since teeth are beginning to sprout in his little mouth! By the time your toddler is 3 years old, they should ideally have around 20 baby teeth. It is these teeth that get replaced to form the adult teeth, and hence, are known as milk teeth.The Tooth Fairy Visits Are Getting Frequent For Your Child Now

It is the best if you start maintaining a proper dental regimen for your kid to ensure he follows a perfect dental care. And for the same, the most essential aspect is to follow an effective way of brushing your little one's teeth.

Effective ways to brush a toddler’s teeth

• Your child should feel secure while brushing. Hence, always stand near them or sit behind them when doing so. 

• The brush should move gently and in a circular motion.

• The brush should touch inside and outside the teeth and gums and wherever they chew.

• Don't forget to clean their tongue.

Follow this routine religiously and your kid will always have healthy teeth in the future to come.




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