This Stage of Emotional Development Comes With Highs and Lows

Your child at this tender age too has so many things to do in life! Kids at this stage have to deal with learning how to walk and talk or, even hold and clasp things while becoming more independent. There are so many ups and downs that kids as little as this too have to face. So, what kind of emotional development do they go through? Well, this small guide will help you!

Mood swings are quite common

Your child's emotional development is under construction. Hence, it won't be uncommon that they are beaming one moment and wailing another. These mood swings are a part of your child growing up. Then of course, they grow emotionally through exploration- they would want playdates and special time and want their needs to be fulfilled immediately.This Stage of Emotional Development Comes With Highs and Lows

If your child is too passive, over demanding, or unsatisfied you should consider consulting a counsellor.

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