Whoa! Now Your Little One Has Favourites Too!

Whoa! Now Your Little One Has Favourites Too!

Your child now begins to show marked preferences towards objects, foods, people, and even between parents. Make it a point to not let these preferences last long. By reiterating the child’s preferences to others when the child is present and talking to the child about it, you will only reinforce it.

Just ignore the matter and you will see that his preferences keep changing. Remember that this is just a passing phase.

Preferences between mom and dad 

If your child suddenly announces that he is going to sleep only with dad and not with mom, do not be alarmed. Just let it go as long it is not something objectionable. If the child says that he likes mom better, do not smother him with kisses and show him that you are overjoyed. Gently tell him that dad also does a lot for him, and you both love him very much. When this is reiterated a couple of times, your child will outgrow these supposed preferences.

Preferences in food

Just because your child displays an aversion to a particular food, do not stop offering that item to him altogether. Let a week or two elapse, and then try offering it again. Avoid the tendency of constantly making something different because your child doesn't like your regular food. Tell him this is the food prepared for that day and he needs to eat it affably.

Always remember, preferences are fine, but going over-board with them is not a healthy sign.

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