Whoa! Your Baby is Already Opinionated

Whoa! Your Baby is Already Opinionated
1y to 2y
Cognitive Development

Ah! Now the real fun begins! Your baby is inching towards his 2nd birthday, and he will now be hugely opinionated. Your baby will behaver unruly at times, which you might find difficult to deal with. He now wants toys of his own choice, food of his own choice and also cartoons of his own choice. And, if he doesn't get it, you can expect a mess!

What you need to know

Your baby is growing, and with this his mental capability and thought process is also changing. Your not so little one will now have his own needs and he will now have an opinion about what and how he wants things for himself.

This is not at all a bad development in any sense. You need to understand that your baby is able to think for himself. However, he will also start throwing tantrums like never before, which would need a lot of understanding and patience to deal with.

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