You Have a Tumbling (Too Often) Toddler Now

You Have a Tumbling (Too Often) Toddler Now
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Your baby is now a toddler trying out all possible ways to balance and walk upright. Every standing object becomes a prop, to pull oneself up, or to hold on while walking. This is the time when your child takes a tumble quite often. Make sure there are no sharp objects, corners or edges at the particular height at which your child might get hurt.

Room arrangement for maximum security- Place sturdy furniture in the room that your child may use to hold on to as she practices walking. Do not place hot drinks, heated pans, or sharp objects within your child's reach. Keep all low-level cupboards locked. Swinging doors are potential danger spots.

Stairs and sockets- Make sure all the plug points that are within reach of your child are covered with child safety plugs. Barricade the staircase with small doors and keep them locked at all times.

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