Your Baby Can Now Understand And Follow Instructions

Your Baby Can Now Understand And Follow Instructions
Once born, your baby begins turning to your voice and speech patterns to work out what you are saying. He is also staring to learn about more complicated concepts such as love, trust, time and cause and effect.
What you need to know
At this age, your baby will pick up your emotions, such as love, concern, anxiety, etc. and he will be able to respond to them. He will use hand gestures and other signs using his body--- that have meanings. He will recognise and respond to his own name. By now, your child has a pretty good understanding of language. Your baby can now understand 50 words and use around 20 of them. Your baby will also use gestures with words and sounds to show what he wants. And he will be able to follow more simple instructions like pick up those blocks or find your toy.
What you need to do
Talking and reading to your baby, however young, will help him learn good communication skills. In general, he will understand a word before he is able to say it himself. Playing with him learn more about the way the world works. You are his best teacher, challenge him with toys suited to his age and games to encourage his mental and physical development. Look at books together that have bright colourful images that you can talk about to help his language development. Be affectionate, and consistently show your child how much you love and care for him.