Your Baby Is Likely To Imitate Adult Conversation

Your Baby Is Likely To Imitate Adult Conversation

Long before he can speak clearly, your baby understands the general meaning of what you are saying. Now, he also absorbs emotional tone.
What you need to know
At this age, your child understands every bit of emotion you are going through, he follows not only how you converse with others but also follows your facial expressions. This is an exciting time for you as a parent- you and your baby will enjoy two-way- conversations –exchanging smiles. And your baby’s personality begins to show as your little one becomes a more active and alert member of your family. Your baby will respond to the sound of your voice by becoming quiet, smiling or getting excited. Your baby will talk to you with a variety of sounds and also will smile at you and wait for your response. Your baby may even mimic your facial expressions.
What you need to do
Your baby loves to hear your conversations, so talk, babble, sing and respond enthusiastically to your baby’s sounds and smiles. You are also sending the message that your baby is important enough to listen to. Babies this age seem to respond best to female voice so try and show more compassion through your conversations which your child will follow. Keep in mind babies communicate at different rates, just as they mature physically at different rates, there is usually no cause for concern, but talk to your doctor if need any.




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