Your Baby Is Now Ready For A Week's Guide To Potty Training!

Your Baby Is Now Ready For A Week's Guide To Potty Training!

The time has come -- the time that most new parents dread! Your child is now old enough to be toilet trained. But don’t worry! Potty training doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. You can in fact, train your child in a week (or even less) by simply following this guide. 

Take it step by step- Start by potty training in sessions. Take your child to the pot during the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the night to see if she poops or pees. Most often, she will; this will help her associate the washroom with defecation.

Encourage your child to go naked whenever she is close to the bathroom or just pull down her diapers. It may make things dirty, but it’s got to be done! By the second or third day, your child will get the hang of it.

If she points to the toilet or says that she needs to go to the loo, you should take her to the bathroom immediately. Then, reward her with something! By the fourth day, you should add to the praises, telling her how good or smart she is when she asks to go to the toilet. Practice this till the seventh day and you will see great results!

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