Your Baby Now Has a Growing Sense of Understanding

Your Baby Now Has a Growing Sense of Understanding
Cognitive Development

Your baby is growing strong mentally and his behavior will speak about that loud and clear. Awareness is the key at this age. Your baby will now be able to apprehend and read things that is happening around him. He knows what is right and what is wrong. This sense of judgment must be well appreciated.

What you need to know

A close look at your baby's activities, and you will see that your baby has now started comprehending things around him in a rather mature way. You raise your voice and your baby knows that either your are angry or hassled.

Your baby will also act accordingly without you being telling anything to him directly. For example, notice that your baby will start crying after doing anything wrong before your yell. This is because your baby has developed a sense of understanding of what has happened and what could happen, just like an adult. Appreciate it!

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