Your Baby Now Recognizes Commonly Used Objects

Your Baby Now Recognizes Commonly Used Objects
Your baby is a great mind in your house- wearing one piece and sucking on his toes. At this age, your baby can recognise the difference between a happy expression and a sad one. Your baby will begin to recognize familiar objects other than faces, such as his favourite books or his favourite teddy bear although he won’t know the names for these objects, yet only that is seen them before.
What you need to know
Your little one will recognize objects even when they are partially hidden. Your child will begin to understand that things exist even when they are out of sight---be it mom when she leaves her room.
Self-recognition doesn’t develop for most children until much later. So even though a child will recognize many other familiar objects and people by midway through his first year, it takes quite a bit longer for that child to look at an image of himself and say “that’s me.” As your baby gain independence--- walking and talking apart from you, he discovers himself as a separate member of the family.
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