Your Baby Will Now Name The Most Commonly Used Objects In The Room

At this stage, your little one says around 50 words. Many of the words will be nouns (names of things) like ball, spoon etc. She can also name most of the common object that are used daily. 

What you can do

At this point, your baby will be able to identify common objects around her, both in person and pictures. She will also attempt to name new objects she finds in her environment. For instance, all new toys are called 'balls'. She will add more words to her vocabulary based on how much you talk to her during the day while carrying out routine activities. Talk to your little one about naming everyday things like household items, toys, which will develop her language skills. You can take her to the park and name the things around her like swings, trees, grass, birds etc. The more the talking, the better. While reading stories, name the various objects seen in the picture. Going through books again and again will help her memorize the names of objects on looking at the pictures.

Your Baby Will Now Name The Most Commonly Used Objects In The Room

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