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Your Baby's Jiggly Wiggly Steps And Cruising

Your Baby's Jiggly Wiggly Steps And Cruising
1 to 2 years baby growth
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

By now, your kid is already taking jiggly wiggly steps and has surpassed the crawling phase. Did you know that many kids don't crawl at all and directly jump to the jiggly wiggly steps phase? Even if your kid hasn't started walking properly, there's nothing to worry about.

Observe your baby carefully. Do you notice that your baby is lifting a little more of her body weight off the ground? The muscles in her back, legs and torso are now stronger and she can do this with greater ease. Let her explore and encourage scooting, crawling, and moving around.

You will soon notice that your baby is cruising, that is shifting from one place to another in swift movements. Encourage the same.