Your Bundle Of Joy Is Now An Explorer And Solution Seeker

Your bundle of joy is now curious, has developed some patience and experiments with a little bit of everything to find solution to a problem. To aid her in finding the solution, is her memory. For instance, if she wants to open the drawer, she will no longer shake and bang it. But instead, will recall how you had shown her to open it before. What you need to know Your child explores and tries to find the solution on her own. She will try every approach until she hits one that works. She observes and then imitates the people around her. Provide opportunities for open ended exploration and offer help before she becomes frustrated. Puzzles, making patterns using blocks, stacking rings on a peg in order of size, engaging in imaginative play with common household objects are opportunities that provide her the learning on how to seek solutions to different problems.Your Bundle Of Joy Is Now An Explorer And Solution Seeker

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