Your Child Can Now Begin To Walk Alone

Your Child Can Now Begin To Walk Alone
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Walking is an important milestone for your bundle of joy. As he starts to pull himself up and gain balance holding your hands, help him take a few steps. Abundant practice now will help him gain confidence in taking those first steps. Then he will start cruising along i.e. using walls and furniture to get around. This usually happens when he is around 10 months old. Next, he will stand and try to balance for few seconds without help and finally he takes his first steps which is a monumental moment for him. Provide plenty of praise and encouragement as he starts walking on his own. Cheer him and guide him slowly as he gains balance to walk on his own. What you need to know Most babies will be walking well by the time they are 14 or 15 months old. Please ensure your baby has a safe and soft environment to hone his new skills. Don’t rush to make him wear baby shoes. Going barefoot will improve his balance and coordination. Be there and encourage your baby. His first steps are his first major move towards independence.

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