Your Child Can Now Complete 3-4 Piece Puzzles

Your Child Can Now Complete 3-4 Piece Puzzles

Your child will enjoy working with simple "insert" puzzles at this age. For instance, he will complete a three-piece simple puzzle where pieces are whole objects. Piece by piece, he begins to recognize the picture that the puzzle represents. By inserting pieces into puzzles, he will develop the muscle group for writing, or the "pincer" grasp. As he grows and learns to rotate pieces to match holes and find pieces that fit, you can invest in more complex puzzles. What you can do To start with, you can find a puzzle with a picture that has a particular interest for your child. Help him recognize colours and letters and show him how sum of parts becomes whole. As he completes the puzzle, appreciate his accomplishment. This will boost his self-esteem. While investing in puzzles, please keep in mind besides being a challenge, the puzzle should also be solvable for him. So invest in age appropriate puzzles. You can go fo 3 to 4 piece puzzle for a 2 year old child. Good puzzles at this age show pictures of food, cars and trucks, boys and girls, nursery rhymes from story books, animals, types of vehicles, etc.




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