Your Child Can Now Expand Sensory Exploration Through Art Materials

For your 2 year old, exploring different art materials is a perfect way tactile sensation can take place. This sensory experience plays a crucial role in how he gathers information from his environment. He gets an understanding about material properties of matter. While getting messy with paints and other art supplies, your child’s senses are engaged in open ended play. The fluid “sensory art” experiences provides him with exciting physical contacts that encourages him to turn into an explorer. He wants to use his imagination and create something beautiful. For instance, with paints and brush he will make a few swift brushstrokes. He is happy with the instant result and his creation. Your Child Can Now Expand Sensory Exploration Through Art Materials

What you need to know

Through art, your child expresses his creativity, gains confidence and is busy. Designate an area of your child’s room where he can work with art supplies. You can cover the work table . Keep some newspapers handy. Let the art supplies be easy to access so that he can work with them whenever he wants to. While your child explores the different art materials, you can build his language skills by talking about different colours, textures like smooth and other properties of matter.

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