Your Child Can Now Follow Simple One Line Instructions

Your Child Can Now Follow Simple One Line Instructions

At this stage, your child can understand simple instructions like" Please give me the ball" or "Please get your shoes". While giving directions, state one direction at a time and give him 5 to 7 seconds to process and respond to what was asked. Use positive terms telling your child what to do. For instance, you can say "Walk" instead of "Don't run". Above all, he will follow instructions when its delivered in a fun and playful manner. What you need to know Make directions meaningful. For instance, if you tell him to help wash fruits, it gives him an opportunity to make meaningful contribution to the family group and this in turn will boost his self-esteem. Give positive feedback. Express your approval of his efforts. For instance, if you tell him to put the toys in the basket, once he has put them, you can say,"Good work!" By 2 years most children can follow two-three step directions.




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