Your Child Can Now Hold Up To 3 Blocks In One Hand

Your Child Can Now Hold Up To 3 Blocks In One Hand
Fine Motor

Currently, through 'block play' your child learns about blocks and what they can do. Blocks of different colours, shapes and sizes are great for him to play with and keep him entertained. The blocks provide a great sensory experience as he learns to hold them, feel how heavy they are, explore its bright colours and carry them around. He explores carrying and dumping them, stacking and knocking them off, laying them side by side on the floor. At 18 months old, he may build a tower of three blocks. As he stacks them and sees the small tower getting built, he feels happy and proud of his accomplishment. Introduce language and vocabulary by incorporating new words like 'fill', 'dump', 'stack', tall', 'short'. This play stimulates learning in all domains of development for him. What you can do Invest in light weight blocks that are colourful and attractive. If you are introducing your child to blocks, allow him to explore the material at his own pace. Show him how to build a tower. Appreciate his efforts. Provide potent opportunities for creativity, imagination, problem solving and understanding on basic Math concepts like counting. Above all keep it fun and engaging for your child.

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