Your Child Can Now Learn a Lot Through Laughter

Your Child Can Now Learn a Lot Through Laughter
Cognitive Development

At this stage, your kid's learning abilities are improving with time. Laughter has the ability to diffuse stress, which is just one of many reasons why it’s a critical part of a child’s development. 

What you need to know
Having a sense of humor plays an important role in developing self-esteem, learning to problem solve, and honing social skills. It’s one of the most desirable personality traits, and you can, without a doubt, help foster it. Happily, it’s one skill you will reinforce with pleasure. As anyone who’s watched Comedy Central can attest, humor takes a wide variety of forms in word play, visual jokes, or simply using the element of surprise to make your kid learn a lot of skills. 

Why babies laugh
Most of the time you agree that the root of humor is taking something in its familiar form and turning it upside down or making it offbeat. That’s why very young babies really don't have a sense of humor; they are still learning how the world looks, feels, and sounds in an ordinary context, so they don't "get the joke" when something’s out of whack. 

At this stage, the more your child laughs, the more it reflects that he's taking in reality and learning from it everytime.