Your Child Can Now Learn by Heaps and Bounds Through Playing

Your Child Can Now Learn by Heaps and Bounds Through Playing
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, your child can enjoy maximum nuances of development through playing. Toddlers and play are inseparable, and it's great because play is an excellent means for development. Your little moppet is bursting with energy, just waiting to explore.

Playing and development hand in hand

1. Pretend playing is a great way for your child to learn. It helps your little one to overcome negative emotions like fear and anger.

2. Playing helps your child to be on their own, and also helps in improving listening skills and facilitates socialization. 

3. Safety norms should always be kept in mind while playing as your child should enjoy and look forward to it.

4. It is a good idea to describe while playing. Example: If you have made a sketch using crayons, you can mention the colours., materila, etc. Make sure your child understands what you are saying.

5. Allowing your child to play raises their curiosity and also opens several other unplanned twists and turns that you will never expect.

From asking curious questions to using their creativity, your child will take on the lead once they get the hang of the content and context of play. 

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