Your Child Can Now Pick Up Toys And Do Little Clean Ups Too

Your baby is full of energy and loves to scatter her toys everywhere in the house. This can be frustrating for you while she enjoys the chaos. You can keep the chaos under control by making sure there is an assigned area to keep her toys, books and other play objects. They can be bins, baskets or a big storage box. What you can doYour Child Can Now Pick Up Toys And Do Little Clean Ups Too

You can pick up a consistent time, say before dinner for picking her toys and other objects . Incorporate it as part of her daily routine. Work together and keep it fun. You can sing the clean-up song and get her to pick the toys. Even if she has picked up few toys only while you do the rest, praise her efforts.What you need to know and how can you help him. Keep a realistic expectation and acknowledge your child’s efforts.




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