Your Child Can Now Play Jovially Without Much Assistance

Your Child Can Now Play Jovially Without Much Assistance

At this point, you can free your child and yourself from play dependencies. Provide your child 100% safe place and open-ended toys to play. You can be in the same place reading a book while your child explores his play stuff. It may happen he needs your help. For instance, he is trying to build a tower of blocks and is unable to do. He cries and looks at you. You can say, “I saw that. You tried well. Let’s do it again.” Tell him to put the green block then red and so on. Once the tower is built, you can say “Good job and may be clap for him.” Help him figure out the solution and try as far as possible not to interrupt his self-directed play. What you need to know The more you do for your child, the less he does and the dependency goes up. This affects his confidence and creativity. Offer simple toys and objects that make for more creative and active play. Develop routine times for independent play so that he accepts your separation for some time easily. Give time to your child to develop his own games. For instance, you may want him to build a tower but he prefers arranging the blocks in a line. Let him have his choices.




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