Your Child Can Now Repeat Commonly Used Words In Conversations

Your bundle of joy hears many words from family and people around her. She will repeat those words even if she does not understand the meaning. For instance, if the word heard is flower, she will look for flowers in her environment. This can be either in books, park, TV. When she finds one, she will point out and say the word over and over again. She is happy to tell everyone about her new find.Your Child Can Now Repeat Commonly Used Words In Conversations

What you need to know

While reading to your child , she may develop her own favourite books. She may want to look at the pictures again and again and recall words from her memory. This way she repeats the words. When your child, repeats the same word in different context or environment, praise her. This is an indication she can connect the same word to any environment. You can also have a list of common words that the child has to master by 2 years. Keep them part of the conversation.

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