Your Child Can Now Respond More To Music

Your Child Can Now Respond More To Music

Your bundle of joy is immensely benefitted from music at a very early age. Besides fun, it encourages movement that refines her motor skills. She gets a sense of what rhythm is by rolling, marching, tapping, clapping and moving to the beat. You can set an instrument by just giving a pot and wooden spoon and sing a song by tapping. Invite her to follow or ask her to tap on different surfaces like the floor, a pillow and let her experience what sound the different taps can make. Listening to different musical rhymes and songs will provide her with an enriching sensory experience. Above all, music helps you to bond with your child. What you can do Select songs that are age appropriate. Songs which go along with simple hand motions or dance moves like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "The Wheels on the Bus" are right for this age. You can also create your own simple silly music and show your child how should be the moves for a fast or slow song. You can make it even more fun by including props like stuffed toys. You can sing songs about alphabets and numbers that will add to her cognitive development.

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