Your Child Can Now Say Several Single Words

Your Child Can Now Say Several Single Words
1y to 2y

Your child now knows 50+ words. He will also try to imitate new words and will be starting to create two word phases. The more fun he has learning new words, the more likely he will use them in his day to day conversations.

What you need to know

Activities such as actively talking to your child, reading to him and labeling objects are ways to encourage language development. Praise your child's efforts. When he communicates well, give him clear feedback. For instance, you can say, "Yes, that's right. This is a ball." Give your child plenty of opportunities to talk during everyday activities. When you ask him a question, give a 10-second pause, so that he has time to reply. Look at books with him often. By listening to words and seeing the pictures, he will learn and try to recall.

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