Your Child Can Now Use Simple Phrases

Your Child Can Now Use Simple Phrases
Speech and Language

Before making the leap from words to phrases, your child should have a vocabulary of at least 50 words. If not, then please work on adding new single words first. When your child uses the single words, try to expand the words to phrases and repeat them. When he says juice, you can say, “Want Juice” or he has eaten one chip or biscuit and he wants more, you can say “More chips”. In day to day conversation, tell the phrase with words together. If you break the phrase into single words, the purpose gets defeated. He is learning the phrase as one unit. What you need to know

When your child is trying to add words and form a sentence, give him time and attention. Please wait till he finishes and then intervene otherwise it breaks the flow and can frustrate him. When you read to your child, get him to participate. You can ask him questions on what he sees on the page, what will happen next and so on. While talking to him, include different phrases like “My toy”, “Red car”, “Read book” etc.

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