Your Child Can Recognize Names Of Familiar People And Objects

Your Child Can Recognize Names Of Familiar People And Objects

Your child is able to recognize the names of familiar people and objects. More the exposure to the objects and family members, more the recognition. Exposure can be both by communication and visual. What you need to know One way to promote recognition of self and other beloved family faces is to look through photo albums, pointing out photos of herself and other family members. As your child learns to recognize familiar play things and faces, she will also exhibit strong preferences for her favourites. For instance, as a baby she was fine being held by her grand mother but now does not want to be picked up by her. That's natural. Just give your child sometime to study her face so she will recognize next time. Through play, where you hide your child's playthings in a small area and ask her to find, "Where is the barbie doll? Once she finds it, she is excited and get her to say,"I found the doll." Another great way, is using social media sites. Look at photos with your child while you talk about who is on the screen. Skyping and video chatting regularly with family members helps your child to recognize names of relatives who stay far away.

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