Your Child has Weaved her World Around You

Your Child has Weaved her World Around You
Verbal language

During this time, your child's world revolves pretty much around you, and as a parent it is important that you strike a positive chord with your kid and understand their world as well. This will help her behave better and there are fewer chances of emotional outbreaks. Once the child knows that they can pour their heart out to you, a deeper sense of emotional bonding and maturity sets in. Since at this stage, your kid's attachment and behavior patterns shape, it is the best if you help get to the right path.

Helping your child to be emotionally mature

1. It is important that you sit, kneel, or squat when communicating with your child. This helps in positive communication as your child feels secure.

2. Being close to your child helps parents to understand what the child is thinking.

3. It also enables them to concentrate and better. This way there will be lesser communication conflicts.

4. Listening to your child is extremely important so that your child doesn’t feel left out when they are trying to say something.

Especially, when their verbal communication is still developing, lending your ear will help ease the tension. This will even calm them down and prevent them from throwing tantrums.

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